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Federal White Collar Crime Defense Attorney in NJ Fights for Your Freedom

Representing New Jersey clients charged with financial crimes

There are a wide range of financial crimes that are prosecuted by the federal government. These crimes generally share a motive of self-enrichment and are considered nonviolent, but they are not victimless. Many of these white collar crimes involve the use of computers. At the Law Office of David Jay Glassman, we defend New Jersey clients against federal charges for tax evasion, insider trading, antitrust violations and counterfeiting. We also tenaciously defend clients accused of participating in organized crime under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO. With more than 40 years of experience, our legal team works decisively and discreetly to obtain the optimal legal result in your case.

Defending you from charges of money laundering

From our offices in Hackensack, Marlton, Newark, and New Brunswick, our legal team defends clients throughout New Jersey against money laundering charges. “Money laundering” is a general term that refers to financial transactions used by criminals or terror networks to hide their proceeds or the source of their income. Simple or complex operations turn these funds into usable money. Our firm defends clients against charges of money laundering, no matter how complex the accusations or substantial the evidence.

Presenting a staunch defense to federal RICO charges

The RICO statute is a large and nebulous tool originally created to fight the Mafia and other organized crime groups. Today, its reach has swelled so much that the government uses it to prosecute people in a wide range of businesses and organizations when they can’t make any other charges stick. Our firm has decades of experience defending clients against RICO charges alleging extortion, murder, gambling and many other crimes. No matter how serious the allegations against you, we will doggedly defend you in federal criminal court.

Aggressively defending those charged with counterfeiting

The most obvious form of counterfeiting involves money. The possession of tools capable of creating counterfeit currency or securities is also a punishable offense. In addition to facing charges for the copying of money, people can face counterfeiting charges related to a wide range of brand-name goods or services. Other documents, stamps and seals are also protected by these laws. Our firm vigorously defends those charged of these crimes.

Understanding federal antitrust violation and insider trading charges

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the U.S. Department of Justice enforce a series of laws that regulate businesses. These laws are intended to promote fair competition and protect consumers. Our legal team defends those accused of unfair practices under the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Act or the Sherman Act. We also work with those accused of using information unlawfully to exploit the stock market through insider trading.

We defend you against any and all white collar crime charges

Our firm has the experience necessary to defend against accusations of tax fraud, computer hacking, identity theft and any other crime that is heard by federal courts. Through the use of forensic and financial experts, we uncover and use all possible evidence to demonstrate your innocence or lack of culpability for the crimes you are accused of. Our firm represents clients throughout New Jersey from our offices in Newark, New Brunswick, Hackensack and Marlton.

Trust an experienced New Jersey financial crime defense attorney to represent you in federal court

If you face federal charges related to a financial or white collar crime, you need an attorney with an understanding of federal law and the resolve to protect your rights. At the Law Office of David Jay Glassman, we put more than three decades of experience to use in every case we handle. If you are under investigation or have been arrested, arrange a free consultation today by calling 866-221-1270 or contacting us online.