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Galloway, NJ High School Student Faces Gun Charges


In September, a 15-year-old Absegami High School student was arrested on weapons charges after allegedly bringing a loaded handgun to school. Charges include possession of a weapon, unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of a weapon on school property and related offenses.

According to ABC News, the unnamed minor was in gym class, outdoors, when Galloway Township police, acting on information given to school personnel, issued a lockdown order and approached the student. Hearing the lockdown order over the campus loudspeaker and spotting the police as they closed in, the student was observed placing a hand in his pants pocket and running out of view. Officers apprehended him, unarmed, near the school’s bleachers but recovered a .380 Jimenez Arms semi-automatic pistol from under the bleachers. The lockdown lasted for about 40 minutes as police conducted an investigation that involved the rest of the student body.

The Jimenez is a six-round capacity compact pistol. Its short 2.75-inch barrel makes it suitable for concealed carry. It is an inexpensive handgun that sells for about $120. Police have not released any statement about where the student got the pistol or his motives for bringing it to school.

There are a variety of reasons why kids might bring guns to school. Some may do it to show off, others because they feel threatened, and still others may do so with the intent of shooting someone. The latter group may include victims of relentless bullying who, unable to defend themselves, become the aggressors.

How the authorities handle this case will have a profound impact on this boy’s life. As he goes through the juvenile justice system, he will need a strong advocate to ensure the process addresses his needs and helps him overcome his fears.

Students found with weapons on campus and those involved in school shootings need a strong defense attorney in their corner. Concerned parents can reach the Law Office of David Jay Glassman online or at 866-221-1270 for experienced legal help.