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Dedicated New Jersey Defense Lawyer Advises on Pretrial Release

Respected attorney advocates to keep clients out of jail before trial

The New Jersey Criminal Justice Reform Act of 2017 overhauled the state’s pretrial bail system, helping thousands of people stay free from detention while awaiting criminal trial. Secured-money bail has been virtually eliminated. Most all defendants are entitled to a presumption of release without bail, either on their own recognizance or on some level of pretrial monitoring. They can be held in detention only if they are ruled a danger to the community, a flight risk or likely to obstruct justice. At the Law Offices of David Jay Glassman, we advise clients on pretrial detention and release and provide defense through all stages of the criminal justice process.

Accomplished New Jersey firm helps clients benefit from bail reforms

Except for serious crimes such as murder, rape and robbery, courts now generally order the pretrial release of accused individuals if certain conditions are satisfied. Judges use a public-safety assessment (PSA) tool to evaluate the danger to the public or risk of flight. The PSA makes calculations based on a defendant’s age, the violent or nonviolent nature of the crime and the defendant’s past criminal history, including failures to appear in court.

A judge can order unsupervised release or impose a level of pretrial monitoring, which can include ankle bracelets or house arrest. In rare instances, a judge will set bail, which means the defendant remains in detention until a bail bond is posted. As skilled defense attorneys, we make the strongest case possible, either at or subsequent to the initial court hearing, for releasing the defendant with minimal constraints. We can immediately appeal a denial of release or an imposition of unreasonable restrictions.

Bail reform helps avoid devastating impact of long-term incarceration

The Criminal Justice Reform Act had dramatic effect. According to a 2018 report by the New Jersey Judiciary, the number of people jailed while awaiting trial at the end of 2017 was 5,905, representing an 18.2 percent drop from 7,217 at the prior year’s end.

Eliminating the old secured-money bail system has helped families and communities by:

  • Keeping families together — People who are detained for long stretches of time before trial are unable to earn a living or provide for their families. They may also lose their homes. Enabling low-risk defendants to return to their lives means that fewer families have to struggle with these economic woes.
  • Maintaining the workforce — People lose jobs when they cannot show up at work, and employers and local businesses may suffer. Under the reforms, defendants can remain productive workers.
  • Enforcing justice — In the past, innocent people have accepted plea deals to avoid spending months in jail away from their lives. By allowing release without bail, unfairly accused individuals can avoid criminal records that limit their life and career opportunities.

Courts in all New Jersey counties now are required to use validated, evidence-based assessments in making pretrial release determinations. A knowledgeable defense lawyer can make sure that a judge is provided with all positive information weighing in favor of the least restrictive form of release.

Contact a committed New Jersey criminal defense attorney today

At the Law Offices of David Jay Glassman, we analyze each criminal case thoroughly to assemble the evidence needed to achieve the most favorable outcome possible. To schedule an initial meeting with a qualified criminal defense attorney, call us at 866-221-1270 or contact us online. With offices in in Marlton, Hackensack, Newark and New Brunswick, we represent clients throughout New Jersey.