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New Jersey Attorney Presents a Formidable Defense in Sex Crime Cases

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David Jay Glassman

Top-rated lawyer provides discreet service to clients charged with sexual assault

A sex crime conviction, even one based on flimsy evidence, can ruin your life. In addition to the normal setbacks associated with spending time in prison, being put on a sex offender list makes it very difficult to find work or housing. At the Law Office of David Jay Glassman, we are committed to keeping New Jersey defendants out of jail and off of sex offender lists. With more than 40 years of experience providing criminal defense services to clients in state and federal courts, we construct and execute solid defense plans for clients accused of all types of sex-related crimes.

New Jersey’s sex crime classifications

There are many different actions that the state of New Jersey classifies as sex crimes. Offenses range from major to minor, as do the penalties associated with them. We represent clients in the Hackensack, Newark, New Brunswick and Marlton areas charged with offenses based on:

  • Child pornography. The creation, distribution or possession of explicit materials involving children can result in serious criminal or federal charges, even when the accused did not intend to commit a crime.
  • Date rape. Date rape is an accusation of nonconsensual sex between two people who know each other or met before the alleged crime. Accusations of this type often arise on college or school campuses. These cases tend to put the word of the accuser against the word of the defendant with little other evidence.
  • Prostitution. The offer or acceptance of sexual activity in exchange for something of value is considered prostitution in New Jersey. Those who promote these activities or move people for the purpose of these activities may be charged with additional crimes such as trafficking and solicitation.
  • Public indecency. Exposing oneself in a place where you are reasonably likely to be seen by nonconsenting individuals is a disorderly persons offense. If a car is used in commission of the offense, the offender can lose his driver’s license for up to two years.
  • Rape. Rape is not a distinct crime from sexual assault under New Jersey law, but may carry heavier penalties than other forms of assault.
  • Sexting and revenge porn. In New Jersey, it is illegal to share intimate pictures of another person without that person’s permission.
  • Sexual assault. A wide range of actions constitute sexual assault or criminal sexual contact in New Jersey. Most situations leading to these charges involve force or coercion. Our firm defends clients against these and other charges of violent crimes.
  • Sexual assault of a minor. Serious penalties and sex offender status attach when an adult makes sexual contact with a person who has not reached the age of consent. Inducing a minor to engage in prostitution, or procuring an underage prostitute for a client, is a crime of the second degree.

Our legal team develops a strategic defense plan to help you beat New Jersey sex crime charges or appeal your conviction.

Aggressive defense for sex crime charges

Our firm is well known for successfully representing defendants accused of these crimes. We use all possible evidence to convince a jury of your innocence and work to get any prejudicial evidence thrown out. Because many sex crime prosecutions are based on the testimony of the accuser, we seek to demonstrate the accuser’s motives for lying.

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For most people, conviction for a sexual offense simply isn’t an option. The Law Office of David Jay Glassman provides formidable defense services to clients throughout New Jersey from our offices in Marlton, New Brunswick, Hackensack and Newark. To schedule a no-cost consultation with an experienced attorney, call us now at 866-221-1270 or contact us online.