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David Jay Glassman is the criminal defense lawyer to have on your side! He was tentative to my questions, helped my family stay at ease, and so informative. I had met with three other lawyers before finding DJG. Soon as I spoke to DJG on the phone, I knew he was the guy to represent me. I got stuck in a situation where I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. David Jay Glassman helped the prosecutors see what type of person I really am and that I wasn’t like the people I was working for.

We hired Mr Glassman after our 18 year old son was arrested for smoking marijuana. The horor we felt was overwhelming. Mr Glassman talked us through step by step what was going to happen and assured us that all was going to go well. We were able to sleep again and at the end everything he said happened. He is no nonsense professional who knows his law. At the end that’s all you need. We are happy to have found him. Though we hope never to need his services again; we highly recommend him to get you out of a bind. No need to look elsewhere.

Mr. Glassman kept my family and I from stressing out about the situation and ensured us that things would be dealt with perfectly. In the end, charges were dismissed and we were left very grateful and pleased with his service.

I’m extremely please that I retained David J. Glassman as my lawyer. Being involved in any sort of legal issue is a stressful and confusing time and it is imperative to have a lawyer by your side who can guide you smoothly through the process and always have your best interest in mind. Mr. Glassman is extremely experienced and knows how to navigate the system. In my situation, he obtained the absolute best possible outcome considering the circumstances and continues to help me. Thank you!

David Glassman is the “Best Case Scenario” lawyer.

I received three citations at once and Mr. Glassman was the absolute best lawyer – both for that job, and in general the best that I could have asked for. With his help, my charges were dismissed and I only had to pay a small fine – a better outcome than I even anticipated. Aside from his smart and no-nonsense attitude in the courtroom (the judge loved him for that too), he revealed himself to also be a warm, welcoming and understanding person when we got to speak more afterwards. He was reassuring of my fears I had, and kept me updated so we were always on the same page (which I know can be a big fear when working with different attorneys). I’d be confident walking into any courtroom knowing I had Mr. Glassman on my side.

– Rachael A.

Mistakes happen online in this day and age when a single moment of weakness, anger or even boardem can offend someone in the wrong way. David was quick to react and provide a strong voice in the dark times I faced. He calmed me and my family down and reassured us that things would be OK. In short that day the court had 75 cases and my case was the only one that was dismissed and expunged. Thanks David for your years of experience to help me navigate a time in my life where I needed help.

Not only a great lawyer but a great person helped me out of a bad situation of being falsely accused of a domestic violence act. Very professional and showed genuine care about my case an with his help my case was dismissed Thank you…. I’m grateful for his help

When I was 18 years old I was mishandling a handgun, accidentally killing my friend. My family as well as the victim\’s family were devastated. It was a horrible situation all they way around. Having never been in trouble nor any of my family members I didn\’t know anything about the criminal justice system and how it worked. We were fortune to retain the services of Mr. David J. Glassman. I can with absolute certainty that if it was not for Mr. Glassman\’s expert legal representation and advice I would be sitting in jail with life without parole for something that I didn\’t mean to do. David was a staunch advocate for the truth in my case, which won out in the end. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Mr. Glassman for the life I enjoy now, not having the best legal representation things could have ended up differently. If you are looking for a lawyer who is an expert at criminal law and who will relentlessly fight to defend your rights, who will put you in the best legal position and offer you the best options, who knows the judges and the inner workings of Philadelphia and NJ criminal justice systems, then Mr. David Jay Glassman is the man you want to have represent you. When my parole was vacated due to the many things I accomplishments while in parole: B.S. in Computer Science and M.S.W from NYU and my contributions to the community, guess who was their at the end of the twenty or so year process to congratulate me and say, \”You are remarkable\”. Mr. David J. Glassman was there. – Kingsley A. Rowe

I hired Mr. Glassman for defense in a restraining order hearing. Although
I have no prior criminal record, there was a lot of evidence against me in
this case. The papers were filed on a Thursday, I received them the
following Saturday evening (due to my schedule I couldn’t get them any
sooner), the following Monday was a holiday, and the court date was
Thursday. We didn’t have much time to prepare. Mr. Glassman made himself
available on a Saturday night to speak with me by phone about our game plan
to try for a civil restraint which would leave me with no record. I was
very nervous and not sure if this would turn out in my favor due to the
evidence against me. But it did. The hearing did not even get to the
plaintiff’s testimony, which would have been embarrassing for both me and
the plaintiff if the details were discussed. The plaintiff accepted the
civil restraint, which Mr. Glassman drew up on the spot in a way that
satisfied the plaintiff and also kept me from having the permanent stigma
of a restraining order on my record. I would highly recommend Mr. Glassman
for his efficiency, attention to detail, and even just his friendliness. I
felt like I was dealing with a caring human being, which is not the vibe
that I often get from other attorneys. It was also helpful that Mr.
Glassman charged a flat fee. I’m not sure how much other attorneys charge,
but I felt the fee was reasonable and what I was willing to pay to receive
the excellent service that I did.

David J. Glassman was a God send. He knows the law, inside and out. He can give you expert advice as he sees your case within the structure of the legal system. He will guide you through every step of the process and he cares about your case.He will work very hard for you in order to bring you justice especially since the legal system can be so daunting. You are in very good hands with David. I recommend him highly.

David Glassman is a terrific lawyer because he will do everything in his power to make sure you get the best outcome. He is honest and has many years of experience. Looking for a lawyer can be a tiresome and stressful process. When I contacted Mr. Glassman he offered to meet with me on a weekend because of my limited availability. He listened to my case and laid out all of the possible outcomes and was completely honest about the entire process and associated fee’s. Mr. Glassman kept me fully up to date during the preparation process and always explained things with great clarity. When it came time to appear in court, the judge actually postponed the court date for another month. When the second date came around, the judge made us wait in the courtroom for quite a long time and Mr. Glassman stuck by my side through it all. Despite these curve balls the judge threw at us, Mr. Glassman showed that he was reliable and determined which made the process a lot more comfortable to go through. Now I can happily say that I received the best possible outcome for my case (a dismissal) and I owe it all to Mr. Glassman..

I contacted Mr. Glassman to represent my wife and me in regard to a Federal investigation…..He was available to meet us on short notice and over the weekend. He knew the law and the US Attorney handling our case. Mr. Glassman acted immediately to protect our rights and spoke with the FBI right away. He made sure we were not arrested. Mr. Glassman was there for us at all stages of the investigation. He answered every call and our emails. He guided us through the process and was very aggressive in defending us. We are grateful for his help and thankful that he was always there when we needed him. If you are in trouble with the law and need a lawyer who will protect and defend you. A lawyer who will work with the Govt. to successfully resolve your case I highly recommend Mr. Glassman. He gave us our lives back.

I would hands down recommend, David Glassman!

Glassman was an amazing support through a difficult time of mine. I had pending criminal charges and going through a divorce with an unstable ex. Glassman showed up at my preliminary hearing and despite and unstable disgruntled judge and crazy ex showing up, he remained calm and assertive and as he promised my charges were waived to the common pleas court where I was able to apply for ARD which was granted! Glassman also took an extra step with my Divorce lawyer to handle a bail modification which also came out in my favor. I would hands down recommend David Glassman to anyone. He well passes your expectations! -Client

Need a first-rate, dedicated, and tenacious lawyer? Hire David Glassman!

If not for David Glassman, I would not be where I am today. David not only represented my case with committed drive and success, but made me recognize my ability to take on endeavors I never thought possible. By giving me a second chance, and fighting for my innocence, I was able to accomplish goals that never would have been attainable if David did not protect my rights. David’s reliable and trusting demeanor was apparent throughout my whole experience with him. His ability to keep me informed and updated with my case allowed my family and me to feel comfortable and at ease. Recognizing David’s understanding and mastering of the law, my confidence and trust was with him, never did I question his ability. As a young kid when I first met David, my naive and inane decision-making led to bad decisions. David did not judge or critique my character, instead he listened and was supportive to my needs and emotional state, which was at a low point. He did all he could to make sure that I had a second chance in life, and he has turned my life around. To this day, my family and I still stay in touch with David. He has become a family friend and someone I will always value as a lawyer, and most importantly a person. We always refer to David to anyone in need of legal council, and would never recommend anyone else. Honestly, you would be foolish not to hire David as your lawyer, he is the best around! –Dan

Service and legal strategies that exceed all others.
I knew David Glassman through a business that I had in which he was a customer. I knew David was a criminal lawyer and not having such needs, never consulted him for legal advice. One Saturday, he came into my establishment and while speaking, said I “seemed troubled” by something. His observations were correct, as silently, I had been in the midst of a civil suit where someone was suiting me … frivolously. He offered to listen, though this was not his arena. They drove home and he reappeared an hour later and offered to go to a nearby coffee shop for what I thought might be twenty minutes. Three hours later he told me he had a strategy! In those three hours, he had absorbed the entire case better than my own attorneys … a large Philly firm, who were billing me tremendous amounts of money and in my opinion, doing very little. To make a long story short, David offered to intervene. Months later, he had not only intervened, but he put a stop to my own, large Philly firm when their bills became outrageous and they tried to go after me to collect these ridiculous fees … with much of their billing having been bogus. He put them in “checkmate” and I never had to pay them another dime. I finally felt I had my life back and for payment, he made arrangements for me that were most helpful, allowing me to remain honorable and feel whole again. David Glassman is someone I would recommend highly to anyone for most any case HE thinks he can tackle. He seems to have a photographic memory and comes up with strategies that are above and beyond all others. I only wished I had found him four years earlier!!! In short, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! –Jerry

The BEST Lawyer
I am a past client of Attorney Glassman’s and would highly recommend him to anyone who is need of an attorney. Not only is Attorney Glassman a very smart and hard working lawyer but he is also very caring and concerned about his clients. He is always available to talk and constantly kept me updated with the progress of my case. He was even available for discussions after business hours. Attorney Glassman was extremely savvy and insightful and settled matters favorably. I highly respect and recommend Attorney Glassman to anyone who finds themselves in a legal predicament. –Joe

Glassman saved my Life
30-60 yrs was my estimated time, given for the charges against me, I was sick to my stomach but David quickly put me to ease the second i saw him in action. He used clever methods and a silvertongue to prove my innocence and thanks to him i’m now a free man. THANK YOU SO MUCH David J. Glassman. ps. AWESOME JOB! –Jed

Mr. Glassman handled a Fed. matter for me.
I was facing a guideline sentence of 125 months. He fought for a lesser sentence and won a downward departure. I recommend and endorse him for anyone who is looking for an aggressive attorney, who will fight the Govt. and get you the best possible result. –Client

One of the best
This was my first time ever needing a lawyer in my life but I can say I am so happy I found Mr. Glassman, he was honest with me and never gave me false hope but he also let me know he would do his best to get me PTI for a gun charge and he stuck to his word and I got PTI I am overwhelmed by the outcome of the cases he worked on for me and I would recommend him to any and every one. You need help with any criminal case call David Glassman he is the man for any job. Thanks again for everything Mr. Glassman. –Christine

David Glassman is a Godsend
Its hard to put into words what a Godsend David Glassman has been for my family and me. Before David, I spoke with at least 6 reputable attorneys that told me the charges against me guaranteed 5 years in jail. From the first phone call with David he gave me all the hope I needed and more. He even said the only way you are going to jail is if god wills it. Every time we went court I felt such confidence in his ability & professionalism. He kept his word and kept me out of jail. Amazing lawyer.