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Federal Criminal Investigations

When Do Federal Authorities Have Jurisdiction in Criminal Matters?

While most criminal matters fall under state jurisdiction, federal authorities step in when a case involves certain types of offenses and circumstances. Generally, these are cases that directly impact national security, transcend state borders or involve federal interests.  Here is a breakdown of criminal cases within the jurisdiction of federal prosecutors: National security and terrorism… Read More »

White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crimes That Can Be Committed Without Intent

White collar crimes typically consist of the wrongful diversion of things of value from their rightful owners by nonviolent means. Such crimes often involve a certain level of intent, but not always. People can act with other levels of purpose in pursuing financial gains or in disregarding legal duties and obligations. In many cases, the… Read More »

Federal Crimes

What Factors Influence Sentencing Levels for Federal Crimes?

Federal sentences are usually prescribed for specific crimes, typically in ranges running from minimum to maximum prison sentences and fines. Some crimes carry mandatory minimum sentences. However, in most cases the sentence is set by a judge after hearing and considering multiple factors. In a sentencing hearing, federal judges are guided by 18 USC 3553(a)… Read More »

Businessman in handcuffs

NJ Attorney General Forms Special Office to Prosecute White Collar Crimes

New Jersey is devoting additional resources aimed at policing fraud and other white collar crime. The attorney general has created a special office within the Division of Criminal Justice that is tasked with protecting the financial system and securities investors within the state. The newly formed Office of Securities Fraud and Financial Crimes Prosecution (OSFFCP)… Read More »

Red sextortion key on keyboard

NJ Legislature Passes a Law Making “Sextortion” a Crime

The internet has become an efficient means of carrying out criminal activity, including extortion. When Threatening to disclose sexual images or videos in order to obtain sexual favors from a victim has been known informally as “sextortion.” Now, New Jersey is adding that crime to the statutes. Following the lead of some other states, New… Read More »

Wide-Scale Fentanyl Prosecutions Continue in New Jersey

Fentanyl is a prescription synthetic opioid that, unfortunately, is also distributed illegally throughout the United States. In response, law enforcement has become aggressive in working to shut down illicit fentanyl supply and distribution chains and to prosecute violators. Zealous efforts like these tend to cast wide nets that can subject anyone in possession of fentanyl… Read More »

Hacking Case Against a Police Officer Shows the Extent of NJ High-Tech Crime Investigations

Invading other people’s privacy by spying on their online data or sharing nude or revealing videos or pictures of them without their consent violates several criminal laws in New Jersey. Convictions can have serious consequences, including prison time, fines and a permanent criminal record. Recently, a former police officer in southern New Jersey was charged… Read More »

When Does Double Jeopardy Forbid a Second Prosecution?

The concept of double jeopardy seems simple on the surface: a person cannot be prosecuted more than once for the same crime. But the word “same” is not as simple as it sounds. There are significant gray areas, particularly when a person is accused of violating different statutes that on their faces are similar to… Read More »

What are Some of the Most Common Federal White-Collar Crimes?

White collar crimes cover a broad spectrum of nonviolent illegal activity motivated by financial gain. They are called “white collar” crimes because the alleged offenders are typically educated people who are employed at higher-level positions in business or government. With today’s technology, many such crimes are committed using computers, coding and related means to gain… Read More »

Four People Accused of Defrauding Amtrak Health Care Plan

Three men and one woman are facing the possibility of lengthy prison terms and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines after being arrested for allegedly perpetrating a scheme to defraud Amtrak’s health care plan. Federal authorities say the plan eventually paid out approximately $9 million as a result of false claims to obtain reimbursement… Read More »