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Category Archives: Sex Crimes

How “Sextortion” Is Penalized in New Jersey

In today’s digital age, where photos and videos travel at the speed of a click, the act of “sextortion” has emerged as a new type of crime. It involves using explicit images or videos as leverage to coerce victims into sexual activity or production of further such material.  While traditional extortion demands money or property… Read More »

Defending Against Charges of Criminal Sexual Contact in New Jersey

There are multiple types of sexual offenses prohibited by New Jersey law. The most commonly known is aggravated sexual assault, which is the sexual penetration of another person under certain defined circumstances. A less well known offense is criminal sexual contact, which involves unwanted sexual interactions that do not include penetration. Nevertheless, it is a… Read More »

New Jersey’s Expanded Statute of Limitations for Child Sexual Abuse

  In New Jersey, anyone convicted of child sexual abuse or assault faces the possibility of years behind bars along with the stigma of being a registered sex offender for life. Beside these harsh penalties, there may be additional consequences — namely, the threat of civil liability in the form of lawsuits by victims seeking… Read More »

Four Face Human Trafficking Charges for Underage Prostitution

  Police in South Hackensack have arrested four suspects on human trafficking charges after three underage girls complained they had been forced into prostitution at a local motel. The suspects are in their late teens and early 20s. Edwin Boneta, 22, and Jefferson Contreras, 18, were each charged with three counts of first-degree human trafficking,… Read More »