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Hacking Case Against a Police Officer Shows the Extent of NJ High-Tech Crime Investigations

Invading other people’s privacy by spying on their online data or sharing nude or revealing videos or pictures of them without their consent violates several criminal laws in New Jersey. Convictions can have serious consequences, including prison time, fines and a permanent criminal record.

Recently, a former police officer in southern New Jersey was charged with more than 80 criminal offenses, including distribution of child pornography, stemming from computer privacy violations. He allegedly hacked into the social media and email accounts of numerous female students at a local college and distributed nude pictures of at least some of them. In addition to the loss of his law enforcement career, he faces the possibility of years in prison.

Distribution of sexual images of another person without their consent is only one of several crimes that can be charged for invasion of another person’s privacy. Observing, photographing or recording people in sexually explicit situations without their knowledge and consent is also outlawed. If prosecutors are willing to throw the book at a police officer for engaging in these activities, you can well imagine that they will do it to you too if you are suspected of such conduct.

Law enforcement has several methods of investigating computer criminal activity. For instance, the police may conduct undercover work in person or online, posing as a potential purchaser of the illicit images or as a potential victim, or they may conduct forensic analyses of the alleged victim’s computer or of other computers used by and seized from the alleged perpetrators. They also use more traditional low-tech methods, such as interviewing witnesses.

Once a suspect has been identified and charged, he or she faces the prospect of heavy fines and time in prison if convicted. For an offense involving child pornography, the defendant may spend decades behind bars. If you’ve been charged with or believe you are under investigation for an invasion of privacy crime in New Jersey, you should retain an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.

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