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Law Enforcement Anticipates a Post-Pandemic Crime Surge

Law Enforcement Anticipates a Post-Pandemic Crime Surge


Police in New Jersey and across the nation are bracing for what they believe could be a serious uptick in crime in the second half of 2021, as lockdowns and social distancing measures fade away and people reemerge into society carrying the burden of pandemic-induced stress.

Increased gun violence is particularly concerning for law enforcement. There were 19,395 people killed in gunfire in the U.S. in 2020, up 26 percent from 2019. Things worsened in the first quarter of 2021 when nearly 6,000 people died in shootings, putting the nation on a pace for approximately 24,000 gun deaths this year. Here in New Jersey, the first quarter was the most violent in four years, with 37 deaths by firearms and 223 gunshot wounds.

Although year-by-year swings in violent crime can be difficult to explain, experts say the increase this year may be attributable to a “perfect storm” of factors:

  • Economic distress due to job losses or hours reductions
  • Anxiety and mental health issues related to isolation and quarantine
  • Social unrest in major cities
  • Shifts in police resources that leave neighborhoods lacking in police presence
  • Court backlogs and COVID-19-related jail population control measures that may lead people to believe they are less likely to be held accountable for crime

As a criminal defense law firm with more than 40 years of experience, we have seen that the pressure of an increased crime rate can lead to mistakes and overreactions by police officers in the field. Videos from across the country over the past few years have repeatedly shown police officer misconduct that sometimes has led to the deaths of people in custody. Police officers are supposed to enforce the law and apprehend those who break it, but the criminal justice system is meant to protect the due process rights of the accused. Our job as defense lawyers is to see that purpose is carried out.

We are highly experienced in defending New Jersey residents in violent crime cases, including aggravated assaults, robberies, weapons crimes and homicides. We examine every aspect of the situation, from the way police conducted the arrest to problems with the prosecution’s evidence — all in an effort to build the strongest possible defense for the client. Our goal is to have charges dismissed, win a non-guilty verdict at trial or, when those outcomes aren’t possible, to have the charges and/or sentence reduced.

No matter how law enforcement ramps up its aggressiveness, The Law Offices of David Jay Glassman will be here to protect the rights of the accused. If you need a criminal defense lawyer, please call 866-221-1270 or contact us online to speak with our attorney today.