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Guidelines for Transporting a Firearm Into or Through New Jersey


Individuals who legally own firearms are allowed to bring their weapons into the state of New Jersey. However, they must follow certain rules or risk being subject to serious weapons charges. The following are some of key guidelines for bringing a firearm into or through the Garden State.

Firearms transported into the state

All firearms must be carried unloaded and placed in a closed and securely fastened case or package. The firearms could also be locked in the trunk of an automobile driving into the state and should not be removed during the course of travel unless it’s reasonably necessary.

Additionally, the firearm should never be accessible from the passenger section of the vehicle. If the vehicle’s passenger section is not separate from the cargo section, the firearm and any ammunition must be kept inside of a firmly fastened and locked container, other than a glove compartment or console, at all times.

Firearms transported through the state

New Jersey laws governing firearms permits, identification cards, gun registration, licenses and more do not apply to anyone who is simply transporting a firearm through the state in a legal manner.

People are legally allowed to move firearms across state lines if their possession of the firearm was lawful in the state where the journey began and will end. The person must also be transporting the weapon for a lawful purpose. For the entirety of the trip, the gun should be unloaded, and neither the weapon nor its ammunition should be directly accessible from anywhere in the vehicle’s passenger compartment.

Finally, the person transporting the weapon should not be a convicted felon or illegal immigrant, and should not have been dishonorably discharged from the U.S. armed forces.

For more information on how you can abide by all of these laws, meet with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of David J. Glassman. You may reach us online or at 866-221-1270.

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