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Two New Jersey Men Charged With Money Laundering

Money Laundering USD

Two New Jersey men were charged with money laundering due to their role in a $1.6 million StubHub ticket scam. The men allegedly sold tickets that were received through illegal means.

According to police reports, the suspects resold tickets that were fraudulently obtained by two Russian computer hackers. The hackers broke into nearly 1,600 StubHub accounts and bought thousands of electronic tickets using funds of the account holders. The Russian account hackers then apparently sent the tickets to the two men, who resold the tickets to various individuals and laundered the money into different accounts.

The New Jersey defendants claim ignorance as to their role in the scheme, saying they did not know that the Russian suspects were hacking into accounts. However, evidence collected by prosecutors paints a different tale, with text messages showing them bragging about their role in the Russians’ hacking scheme.

Money laundering is a serious crime in New Jersey that is punishable with heavy fines and possible incarceration. People commit money laundering when they transport or possess property or money obtained through criminal activity, with the intent to facilitate the crime or knowing that the transaction is meant to conceal the crime. In a situation such as the one alleged to have occurred in the StubHub ticket scam, the NJ duo could be found guilty of money laundering if prosecutors can successfully demonstrate that the men were aware the money they received and deposited into multiple accounts was from criminal activity related to ticket scams.

Crimes related to theft and fraud, such as money laundering, are treated severely in New Jersey. But with a solid defense strategy, you may be able to have your charges reduced or the case dismissed. Consult a skilled criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.

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