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Woman Arrested in NJ for Carrying Gun with Out-of-State Permit

Fox News reports that a 27-year-old Philadelphia woman was arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm in New Jersey during a routine traffic stop in Atlantic City. The woman, who was pulled over for making an unsafe lane change, told officers at the time that she was carrying a firearm. Officers arrested her due to her firearm possession because although she held a concealed carry permit for the gun in her home state of Pennsylvania, her permit was not valid in New Jersey, where she was traveling.

The Pennsylvania woman has no prior criminal history and explained to officers that she had bought the firearm just the week before, after she had been robbed twice in one year. There were no aggravating circumstances in the case and no evidence to suggest the woman was dangerous. She faces up to three years in prison.

It is important to understand the gun laws in New Jersey. Unlike some states, New Jersey does not recognize gun permits issued by other states. What this means is that those who want to carry guns in NJ must obtain a new permit, even if they are already licensed in their home states.

To obtain a concealed carry permit in New Jersey, an applicant must apply to the police chief where he or she resides or to the Superintendent of the Sate Police if his or her community does not have a police chief or he or she is from out-of-state. The person submits his or her name, residence, place of business, age, date of birth, occupation and sex, along with a litany of background information, including any history of substance abuse, psychiatric treatment or criminal activity.

New Jersey does not allow individuals to carry guns if they have a violent criminal history. This means that anyone convicted of aggravated assault, arson, burglary, homicide, kidnapping, sexual assault or other crimes cannot obtain a gun permit in the state.

After a person applies to carry a firearm, the licensing authority makes a recommendation to a judge of the Superior Court, who decides whether to grant or deny the application. He or she may choose to issue the permit with certain restrictions.

New Jersey gun laws are complex and it is important to comply fully in order to avoid fines and jail time. If you have a question about gun permits or you have been arrested for illegal possession of a firearm, consult a criminal defense attorney.

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